Dear Mr. President 1

A few weeks ago, I prayed that you would be led to our website: and that the teachings you found there would bring you peace and bless you in the stressful mania that surrounds you. Not many days after that prayer, I found that someone in your office had visited our site.

I know that you are a man who seeks God with all of your heart. My prayer is that you will find Him in His words as related in our teachings. More than anything else, my prayer for you is peace. Above all other politicians of our day, you have demonstrated your love for God the Father, Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. You have done so, while clearly communicating a most genuine respect for those of differing religions and ideas.

As a Pastor, you have made my life brighter by your example of decency and honor. Others in the recent past have turned the White House into a playground for immorality and secular humanism. You have made people of all faiths proud. Obviously, there are those who disagree with your decisions and your actions as President. That is their God given right. But, no rational person can disrespect the genuine nature of your faith.

We know that someone in your office has on several occasions visited our site. I pray that they have brought it to your attention, and that it has brought you comfort in your tumultuous days. Please let us know if you have seen our “Cyber Church” and any thoughts that you might have.

You are in our prayers at every remembrance. We are truly grateful to God that He has blessed our nation with you our President.

Your Brother in Jesus,
Pastor Allen

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One thought on “Dear Mr. President

  • Michael

    What exactly does the Bible deinfe as fellowship ?I have heard many different views lately and wanted to know what you thought.1. Fellowship is only possible to have with others, if you have it with God.2. Fellowship is NOT the act of studying the bible together. It seems to me that I have no clear definition of fellowship as the Bible describes it.What do you think?