Making Mama Happy!

One of the most enjoyable things that I do as a multi-faceted Pastor, is helping my partners live at peace with their spouses. The job becomes vastly easier when we accept the tenant that NO man will ever understand a woman, it is completely impossible. Likewise, NO woman will ever […]

How About You?

I urge you to invest the time to thoroughly read and understand this message. It is a very personal communication to you from the Creator of all things. It may require as much time as it takes to watch half of a reality TV show, or about the same amount […]

What And Whom Do You Confess?

Have you ever wondered why your life takes certain twists and turns that are not good, and seem to contradict the Word of God? Are there things that happen to you that you just can, not explain? I am frequently questioned along these lines: “Pastor Allen, I pray and try […]