A Miraculous Victory For Jesus!!!!!

Get the picture,

There is a tremendous underdog at war with the greatest practicing warrior of his trade. Nobody, Nobody, Nobody has given this underdog the slightest chance of victory.

If there was ever a David vs. Goliath analogy, this situation is perfectly reflected in it.

The giant crept up on the underdog wielding his trusty multi-edged sword with all of the talent in his body, mind and spirit. He raised his sword and swung with all of his considerable might at the head of the underdog. Astonishingly, the giant completely missed his intended victim by a matter of inches. The giant came within an eyelash of decapitating the underdog, and failed.

This giant has slain countless victims, many of whom died of fear as the giant wielded his deadly weapons. Yet inexplicably, this time, the giant whiffed.

Now, in case you haven’t gone ahead of me, I am writing about a glorious day for Jesus at the Augusta National Golf Course. The event was the final round of the Masters golf tournament. The Giant is Tiger Woods. The underdog is Zach Johnson, a little known infrequent winner from Cedar Rapids Iowa.

On this wonderful Easter Sunday, Zach Johnson slayed the giant of all giants. As Zach finished his final round in the lead by so few strokes that at anytime Tiger could have beaten him, Tiger fell apart. Even Tiger could not believe the things that happened to him. Tigers ball rolled into the pond on one hole and was knocked down in flight by an oddly behaving wind on the next. Tiger lost to Zach Johnson on these two holes.

As Zach waited for the final decision, the press were all over him asking their usual inane questions. Zach pre-empted their questions with an answer that will live in the hearts of God and his followers forever. “I felt Jesus with me on every hole” proclaimed this champion of champions.

When the famous green jacket was awarded, Zach gave Jesus the glory right there on a television broadcast seen all around the world. Not once, but several times in succession Zach Johnson gave the glory to Jesus for this perhaps the greatest victory of all time at the Masters.

On this Easter day, Millions of believers gathered to hear the story of God’s victory over evil and death through the blood of Jesus. Here on the same day, Zach Johnson committed the improbable act of defeating the might Tiger Woods whose very presence on a golf course often paralyzes the best of the best players in the world. And what was the result? This wonderful young man stood on the highest peak in the world this day and proclaimed the glory of Jesus.

How about you? Will you on the occasion of the next victory in your life stand publicly in front of people you know and that you do not know and give Jesus the glory, and honor His Royal name. Zach Johnson did not think about what other people would think of him. He wasn’t about to be politically correct. He stood in front of the whole world and glorified Jesus! Wow!!!!!!!! What a champion!!!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful trend, In case you missed the Superbowl, the owner of the Indianapolis colts and the coach, both glorified Jesus. Ladamian Tomlinson the greatest player in the game of football testifies to the glory of Jesus everyday.

Johnny Hart the creator of “B.C.” and “The Wizard of Id” died yesterday. Here was another great Christian. In spite of the refusal of many major Newspapers like the New York Times to carry his cartoons, Johnny Hart was an unabashed promoter of the gospel of Jesus. His holiday cartoons were famous around the world for their portrayal of the love and grace of Jesus.

As we go about our lives this day, let us be inspired by those courageous brothers and sisters among us who are willing to sacrifice themselves in the court of public opinion for their Lord who did much more for them.

Pastor Allen

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