Wow What A Fantastic Amazing Year 2016 Is!!!!!!!

Jesus said “It gives me great joy to give you the Keys To The Kingdom!

So, He Did!!!

Here they are: BELIEF, FAITH, ACTION…

Belief is your decision. God can not make us believe. Yet without belief, there is nothing. It is the first key to the Kingdom. We must make a decision to believe the Word of God beyond the shadow of a doubt in order to unlock the Kingdom.

Faith is a decision to live in this present moment, with JOYFUL EXPECTATION of the things we can not see! Jesus taught us that from the overflow of our hearts, our mouths speak (what is in our hearts will come out of our mouths) and that we will have what we say as long as we say it with out doubt, positive or negative. Thus, You Absolutely Will Have What You Expect! Faith is Joyfully Expecting and speaking and celebrating those things that we can not see, but that Jesus has promised us!

If we choose to believe the promises of Jesus, If we choose to live in this present moment with JOYFUL EXPECTATION, our countenance will change. We will become new people! Paul taught us that if any man be in Christ he is a new creation and that all things old have passed away (the old us) and that all things are new and of God. If we believe Jesus we will behave differently! We will become positive people. We will transmit positive thoughts and we will take positive ACTION that will set the course for us to receive the treasures that Jesus has given us in this life and the life to come.

Now, Here are the ingredients for an ASTONISHINGLY good 2016:

Wake up every morning praising Jesus for what He has already given you.
LISTEN TO JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!!! They will guide you into all truth and show you the things that are to come!!!
Wake up every morning with huge JOYFUL EXPECTATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe that something fantastic is going to happen to you that day!!!
Smile! BE HAPPY! DON’T WORRY just like the song! Jesus commanded us not to worry! If you trust Jesus there is nothing to worry about!
BE NICE! Don’t be a jack ass! Don’t be a smartass! Nobody likes a smartass!!!!!! You may think smartassedness is funny, but nobody and I mean nobody else does!!!!! Don’t be a mean ass!!!
BE POSITIVE! Positivity comes from what you believe in your heart. What you believe in your heart is a decision that you make. What is in your heart, positive or negative will come out of your mouth and what comes out of your mouth is what you will have! GUARANTEED!!!!!!! When you choose to be positive you speak positive things, you send out positive vibrations that set in motion the things that make positive things happen to you!
DON’T BE NEGATIVE! God gave us all the instinct to run away from negative people. And when you are negative you speak negative things into your life. Negative people live in self fulfilled negative prophecy.
AVOID NEGATIVE PEOPLE LIKE EBOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Negativity is highly poisonous and contagious! My goal this year is to eject all of the negative people from my life! I ejected one person last year and one so far this year. When you get rid of the dark negative people in your life it makes room for new happy good people.
BE A CHEERFUL GIVER NO MATTER WHAT! Why? Because God loves a prompt to do it cheerful giver who gives not grudgingly or out of necessity but cheerfully and according to what he purposes in his heart he should give. Teresa and I have made a decision to substantially increase our giving. As a result some of our partners have substantially increased theirs! (Whenever a preacher talks about the joy and multiplication that comes from giving, some people assume that they are just soliciting money. While it is true that every ministry including ours always needs offerings, that is not the purpose of this message.) I promise you that you can not and will not every out give God! And He has promised to make all grace abound unto you and to MULTIPLY your seed sown!
SEE YOURSELF THE WAY JESUS DOES! Jesus loves you so much that He came to earth, put on an earth suit, walked as a man, was tempted at all points as we are but did not sin, died of every disease known and unknown to man on the cross to destroy illness, was tortured on earth and in hell for three days, to ransom you. He did it to buy you with His blood. Because He loves you that much, Now because you have accepted Him, you have been forgiven and made HOLY, BLAMELESS AND BEYOND REPROOF IN HIS SIGHT!
MAKE A DECISION TO RECEIVE WHAT HE DIED TO GIVE YOU! His faith, His power, Power over all the evil one and all of his powers, Health, Joy, Prosperity, and ALL things necessary for life and Godliness. But most of all HIS LOVE! He made you His glorious inheritance and He dances and rejoices over you in heaven!
BE PEACEFUL, GENTLE, KIND AND GENEROUS! Be an overtipper no matter how bad the service, tell people about Jesus and how much He loves them, FORGIVE!!!!! Bitterness, resentment,unforgiveness, score keeping, will all destroy you. It is like drinking poison and hoping the other guy dies.
You can not do one thing about yesterday and the past is only a predicator of the future if you believe that it is. As much as you may believe that you have a crystal ball, you do not!!! Look at your track record on predicting the future! The evil one would love nothing more than to distract you from all of the blessings that God has given you in this moment by dragging you out of Gods time zone (this present moment)
Finally, STOP BLAMING GOD!!! No matter what you’ve heard, God is not in control, he has given men free will and that is why bad things happen, he does not condone or allow or cause evil! IF GOD WERE IN CONTROL, EARTH WOULD BE HEAVEN! There is one who comes but to kill, steal and destroy but God came so that we would have life and have it more abundantly and HE HAS DECLARED PEACE ON EARTH AND GOOD WILL TOWARD MEN!

(Hebrews11:1, Luke8:50, John10:1-4,Luke6:45, Mark11:22-24,Philippians4:4,2Corinthians9:6,2Peter1,1-4,Colossians1:22, Zephaniah 3:17,John3:16 Galatians 5:22, Matthew 6:25-34, Luke 1:37, Matthew 19:26, John 10:10)

What you just read is all scripture. It is God’s recipe for success! Print it out and read it everyday in 2016. Put it into action! Become the new creation in Christ that He died to make you. Take off the old man and put on the new and God promises that you will have a year like no other!

Here is a link that will let you listen to last Sunday’s teaching from the Holy Spirit! It is an awesome message about how to become God’s favorite!

Bible Study 01-17-2016

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