Wouldn’t It Be Great?

Sometimes when I am hanging with my King, He shows me things that in the flesh are unthinkable.

Have you ever meditated? I mean have you ever turned off everything but Jesus and focused on and listened only to Him?

If you have, did you ever ponder deep in your spirit how much you are loved by the Creator and Maintainer of all things? Have you ever considered how much He paid for you?

Few of us ever think about how much Jesus loves us as individuals, but what would happen if we did? That would be the end of mental illness.

Jesus created each of us from as we say: “The ground up!” The human body consists of hundreds of trillions of cells, each cell has infinite subcells. That is where you began. God painted you from the most infinite and minute particle, and He inhabits each of them.

That is why He cherishes us so much. We are His. We are eternally His if we choose to be, and He is eternally ours if we choose to let Him be. Jesus explained to those who knew nothing of the unseen, that every one of our hairs are numbered. What He says to us of this time, is every single sub atomic particle that holds everything together is numbered and perfectly engineered and in perfect order.

Jesus gave us the ability to speak to and command every single cell and sub cell in our bodies and that when we do, they must obey us! Imagine every single person using that authority.

Not only so but He gave us the ability to speak and command everything in the unseen. Yes! We have the power, authority and responsibility to speak to and command protons, neutrons, electrons and all of their sub atomic particles. What if we believed and acted on that knowledge?

What if every single person on earth believed that Jesus healed them by destroying every disease known and unknown to man, by dying of them on the cross? What if every single person believed that sickness was impossible? It would be.

Jesus wanted ALL of our being to be with Him for all eternity. You and I are His inheritance. We are what He gets.

When Jesus was beaten mercilessly and hung on the cross to die from every disease known and unknown to man, to suffer the most horrible death possible, it was for us at our smallest particle. He cherishes us at that level.

He has given us His power. He has healed us once and for all. He has paid the price for our sins, once and for all. He has defeated the unwanted growth(what God calls the evil one) for us. Jesus gave us dominion over the wart and all of his powers and minions and demons. He has given us His faith and with it, all things that pertain to life and godliness.

You can read about all that Jesus did for you personally in our new book, “Jesus Ain’t Gonna Do Nothin!” It will be published soon and we will announce it well in advance.

What would life be like on earth if every one of God’s children knew all that He had done for them, and the infinite power that He gave His believers, out of His immeasurable love. What would this world be like if in response to that knowledge,every person made a decision to believe, follow and obey Him?

Imagine a world filled with real, complete total Jesus believers. Imagine the news being about all of the acts of loving kindness that would follow. Imagine a world without politics. Imagine a world full of joy and happiness.

See a world without hospitals or sickness.

Imagine a world at peace. Imagine a world where the Glory of God was the light of men.

Imagine a world where love governed everyone. No violence, no crime, no mean people, no smart asses, no lust, no greed, no anger and hatred, no sickness, no racism, no bigotry.

Imagine a happy happy happy world where people listened to birds and cared for each other at all times. What if there was no need for laws, because no one did evil.

Can you visualize a world consumed with Love for Jesus?

Imagine football stadiums filled to capacity every weekend with folk singing to and praising our King and cheering for Him like they do the old home team.

What if every night, in every city there was a sold out stadium that would seat as many as a professional baseball or basketball game. And for four hours, people studied the Words of Jesus and contended for the most knowledge of Him.

Visualize every night people, instead of spending several hours watching the Batchelor or Dancing With The Stars or some News Network or whatever, spent that same time sharing testimonies about how much they love God.
What if every form of entertainment was filled with teaching His children about Him and His world. What if we truly hungered and thirsted for righteousness.

What would the world be like without negative people and nay sayers. What if wanton amorality did not exist.

What if we actually loved our brothers and sisters as Jesus loved us. What if there was no need for competition. What if there was no need to be the best or the brightest.

What if material things were not trophies but the fruit of believing and faith.

What if the poorest among us became equal in prosperity with each of us, through education and positive visions? What if everyone of us were prosperous not by government hand outs or even charity but by our steadfast belief that Jesus has given us all things that pertain to life and Godliness.

What if poverty did not exist? What if each of us were content with ourselves? What if the incessant urgency we are led by, did not exist? What if we never judged or condemned ourselves or others?

What if there was no such thing as guilt and shame?

Can you think on a world where literally we had no clocks? Suppose a world in which only this present moment existed.

What if folk honored peace above violence. What if there were no violent or horror movies. What if our hero’s were peacekeepers. What if Pastors were honored more highly that any other profession.

Can you listen to the Holy Spirit and see His vision of His world, revealed to us in the beauty all around us?

A world without any fear? A world where each of us believed without doubt that there was nothing to fear?

Would it be possible? That was God, The Holy Spirit, Jesus’ plan when they created life. God believes that it is possible.

See this, a world minus all addictions. What if people stopped drinking alcohol, smoking, using drugs or food or sex or spending money to make themselves feel better?

Could our peace, joy, happiness, rest, relaxation, buzz, come from deciding to accept every single word of Jesus?

How? It would have to be done one person at a time. We would each have to become willing to change. We would have to be led by Love.

We would each have to make a commitment to believe Jesus beyond the shadow of a doubt. We would each have to be a shining light on a hill, an example of how faith works.

We would have to not hide our lamps but raise them highly so as to shine before men so that they would see our love and good works and know that a God filled glorious and joyous life is possible. We would have to have no political correctness or shame of the name of Jesus. We would have to call Jesus by His actual name, not Lord, Christ or Messiah, but the name that is above all names, Jesus.

Each of us would have to turn our swords into plow shares. One at a time. We would have to stop watching news reports that are negative and start new news media that only report what is right and good.

To the surprise of most folk, there is far more love and goodness in the world than their is hate and evil. What if we locked our attention on those things?

Here is the Scripture for this message:

(Mark 9:23)


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