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2 thoughts on “THE GREATEST DAY!

  • John Michael "Mike" Casteel

    I tend to think of the Sanhedrin as
    ” the Harvard or Yale club” Jewish
    Religious Hierarchy ( Pharisees ;
    Sadducees academics) . The
    Head of the Sanhedrin that year was none
    Other than Joseph Caiaphas.
    Also check out Luke11:29-30 the sign
    Of Jonas. Have a blessed Easter!

    • Pastor Allen Fleming Post author

      Hi Mike! Hope you had a fantastic Easter. Please check out my recent teaching titled, “What Jesus Did” in reference to your comment on Jonas. Until one reads the book of Jonas, they can not really understand what Jesus went through in hell. Some ignorant folk reject the truth that Jesus suffered in hell to pay for our sins. They believe that instead he went to paradise, because of what he said to the sinner on the cross. They do not understand that before Jesus, Paradise was both heaven and hell. (see the rich man and Lazarus.) You are also right about the Pharisees and Sadducees. They walked around with their head up their collective asses. They killed Jesus because they believed that he would deprive them of their exalted positions.