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Mary Christmas Folks!

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As we draw nigh to Christmas, we will be continuing our series about the second most important event in the History of the World. The first of course being the Death, Burial, Resurrection and Ascension of God in the flesh, Jesus our King, to His glorified state!

For several weeks in our Sunday Bible Study Group we have been teaching on the origins and implementation of God’s planned entry into the earth, as a human. We know that the “Christmas Story” (I loathe that combination of words because they imply a fictional event) ; was more the greatest news report of all time. It’s beginning occurred when Adam and Eve committed sin and blew God’s plan A for mankind.

Plan A was for all of mankind to live as did Adam and Eve, for all time. We would have been born into a world of grace and truth. We would have whatever we wished by merely visualizing it. We would speak things into existence just as our Father does. We would move across the universes at the speed of thought.

We would have a life of complete peace and happiness. We would walk with God in the cool of the day. We would never know illness, pain or work. There would be no fear, loathing, jealousy, competition, bigotry, meanness, hatred, unbelief, illness, sadness, murder, theft, lying, cheating, coveting, idolatry, adultery, fighting, hurting, score keeping, revenge, lack, want, failure, addiction, wickedness, lust, pride, arrogance, smartassedness, or any other sin.

Instead there would be LOVE, kindness, gentleness, patience, peace, humility, grace, courage, inalterable excellent health, joy, happiness, laughter, worship, praise, glory, joyful consonant sound, harmony, melody, breathtaking color, oneness with our King.

We move into plan A, at the moment we truly accept Jesus 100% and make Him the King and most important part of our lives. We fall under plan A, when we make a decision to believe EVERY SINGLE WORD that Jesus said, beyond any doubt!

The Christmas Event did not begin in the second chapter of Luke! It began in the third chapter of Genesis.

God being born of a virgin woman, in the natural way, and living as a human with all of the degredations pertaining there to, was plan B. Plan B was the method by which God ransomed (fill in your name) from your own sins and ungodliness and the wages of sin, so that He could own you for all eternity. Why? Because He loves you so much that He can not stand the idea of living without you.

So after the evil one had appeared to Eve as a snake, and led mankind away from God through sin, God stepped in. He cursed the evil one and revealed to him that he would injure but not kill Jesus, but that Jesus would “CRUSH YOUR HEAD.”
(Genesis 3:15)

We know that Jesus is named and prophesied about in every book of the Old Covenant. We know that more than 450 specific prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus’s life and that at least 47 of those were specific to the Messiah. All of them are part of the Christmas event. They were recorded in the Word and spoken to the people by each of the Prophets beginning with Moses and ending with John the Baptist. My point is that the construction of Christmas flowed precisely through the entire Bible. See the complete 14 generation ancestry of Jesus as reported in Matthew 1:1-17. Christmas would not have happened unless His bloodline was pure from Abraham. Why? Because God made the promise to Abraham that his SEED (Jesus) would be mighty in the earth.

This week we are studying the scriptures involving those key individuals who were used to bring about Christmas. One of the most important Characters was the Arc Angel Gabriel who played a very important role in setting the entire birth into motion by his interaction with humans. Since Gabriel is God’s personal Angel and see’s God’s face everyday, we thought it well to gain a thorough understanding of what Angels are. Most have no idea of what an Angel is or anything about them. This is part of the evil one’s deceptive tricks designed to keep us from living in all of the power that God gave us.

We urge you to study the our last three teachings and listen to the recorded teachings, and study them in your Bible.

Just visit our website and you will find them under the “Bible Study” header in recorded and written formats. If you stay with us, you will understand Christmas in a much deeper way and its full power will rest upon you. It is urgent for those who stand with Jesus to know everything about Him and what He accomplished. You may also join us by conference call, every Sunday at 10 am. Its as simple as dialing:

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Here is the recording of this very teaching from last weeks Bible Study Group

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You might be interested in the following facts:

Angels are not humans!
Angels are not nice people who died!
Angels are not little fat happy baby’s!
There are no female Angels.

The only Angels written or spoken of by name, in the Bible are:

Lucifer the fallen angel who is now a burnt up canker worm with no power but to lie, known only as the evil one or satan.
Gabriel the Arc Angel
Michael another Arc Angel.

I am attaching a pdf about Angels. Study it and the attached scriptures. It is urgent that You and your family learn that the “Christmas Angels” all around your home,are made up hooey. They are nice hooey, but hooey nonetheless . Teach them the truth. satan wants us to think of angels as being little winged fat babies and women (no offense ladies), As opposed to the powerful beings they actually are. One angel could destroy the Chinese army.

Read and learn who angels are, what they are, how many there are, what their mission is and what their relationship to us is. You probably do not realize that you have thousands upon thousands and thousands of thousands of immensely powerful beings at your disposal. So, read and study and please let me know what you think. One partner reported that in all of his more than 60 years of church attendance, he had never heard or read what you are about to!

I know that you have been mightily blessed by this teaching and are sending it to your entire mailing list. Paul stated that he was not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus because it is the power unto life for those of us who believe. Certainly this is true for you as well. After all, each of us knows that to be ashamed of Jesus and His words and to refuse to acknowledge Him publicly would cause Him to have to do the same for us with His Father in Heaven.

For our friends in the Orlando Bible Study Group, this would be a great message for you to discuss this coming Monday. Feel free to use all of it. I love you all and wish I could be there in person to wish you a very blessed Christmas. Mr. L would you please pass this along to all the Monday nighters with our greetings and best wishes?,

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Today we are going to study Angels. They are a very important part of the Entrance into the World of God in the person of Jesus.

Our teaching is based on scripture.

The Biblical Word Angel, originated from the Greek word (Agellos) which means messenger>

Much of what we know or think about Angels is man made non-sense so lets shoot those Holy Cows right now.

Angels are not happy little fat babies!
There are no female angels!
Angels are not good people who died!

There are only 3 named Angels in the Bible:
Gabriel the Arch or Chief Angel
Michael another chief Angel
and Lucifer the fallen angel known now as satan, old scratch, the evil one, etc.

Angels are created beings.
(Nehemiah 9:6)
(Psalm 148:1-5)
(Colossians 1:16-17)

They were created by God to serve Him, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and us. They are not humans!!!! They are ministering spirits.
(Hebrews 1:14)

Angels were created in the world that existed before this planet. They were created in the pre-Adamic age. They Celebrated when the earth was created.(Job 38:4-7)

Angels are eternal. They do not die.
(Luke 20:36)

Angels do not marry or reproduce.
(Matthew 22:30)

Angels do not have bodies.
(Luke 24:37-39)

They can appear as men.
(Hebrews 13:2)

At a minimum, Angels are Dazzling in appearance!
(Matthew 28:1-5)

What do Angels look like? Buckle your seatbelt! If you ever saw one you would probably have a heart attack or at least soil your clothing:

Here are a few descriptions beginning with Gabriel:
(Daniel 10:5-9)
(Ezekiel 1:4:14)
(Isaiah 6:1-6)
Throne Room Angels
(Revelations 4:6-8)

There are an innumerable amount of Angels in the heavenly realm and here.
(Daniel 7:10) Thousands and Thousands and Thousands of Thousands.
(Matthew 26:53) At least 12 legions
(Hebrews 12:22) Innumerable/ Myriads

Angels perform many assigned duties:

They are messengers

In Exodus they brought the law to Moses.
They told Mary about Jesus.
They told Zechariah about John

They provide guidance.
They told Joseph to flee with Jesus and Mary to Egypt.

They protect their masters.
They protected Daniel in the furnace and the lions den.

They deliver their masters from harm.
In Acts chapter 5 they delivered the Apostles from prison
In Acts chapter 12 they delivered Peter from prison
In Acts chapter 27 they delivered Paul from a shipwreck.

We can command Angels! They are there to serve us in what ever our need. But they can not help if they are not issued orders.

Angels are more noble than humans.
(Daniel 9:21-23)
(Daniel 10:10-14)

Angels are more intelligent than humans but they are not omniscient, omnipotent or omnipresent.
(Samuel 14:20)
(Matthew 24:36)

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