Jesus described the things that choke out the Word in Mark 4:19. Chief among them are the cares of this world. The biggest care of this world is the fear of what other people think of us. But that is not my message for today.

I have a confession to make. For the last few weeks I have been caught up in a whirling dervish of my flesh. I have been angry, bitter, resentful, judging, condemning and mean spirited. Why, I jumped into the middle of the cares of this world. Sucked in by current events that were so shocking that my flesh nearly exploded. Here are a few: Legalization of gay marriage, tax payer funded sales and marketing of harvested body parts of murdered babies caused by the legalization of baby murder, a deal with Iran that gives them the ability to sell weapons to muslim murderers while building a nuclear weapon unfettered and keep 4 American hostages including a brave Pastor, 4 Marines killed by a Muslim terrorist and no mention of the word Muslim, The White House painted with rainbow colors but not the red white and blue for the 4th of July. A Woman laughed at me like I was the village idiot when I asked her if she believed in the virgin birth of Jesus and His resurrection.

So, I became indignant. Rightfully so. My country has cast out God and Jesus. It has gone from being a moral compass to being an amoral cess pool.

Righteous Indignation is highly poisonous!!!! It produces stress, bitterness, anger and chemical toxins in the body and blocks out the Holy Spirit!

So, What can I do about these abominations? Nothing! In fact, Jesus has told me that they must and will happen, so that prophecy will be fulfilled and the end will come.

I don’t know if any of you have been going through the same emotions as me, but if so, maybe this prescription form Jesus will help. I am committing to Jesus and David Parker that I am not going to rant on Facebook any more. I am going to turn the ruination of America over to God. I am going to take off my old nature and this is what I am going to focus on:

It is not I that lives but Christ that lives within me. I am a new creation in Jesus, all things old have passed away and everything is new and is of God. I am going to focus only on heavenly things and not on the things of this world. I am going to put on the fruits of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Gladness, Peace, Benevolence, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Meekness, Humility, Self-Control, Self Restraint.

Count the number of times the word I appears in this teaching and guess who it is written to.

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