May I ask you a personal question? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired. Are you exhausted from stress, deadlines, worry, fear, anxiety, pessimism, depression and the like.

Do you need some relief from your daily grind and the cares of this world? Here is Jesus’ elixir created to heal what ails you.


I know that some of you are in jobs where you must plan for the future and in so doing, it may become necessary to refer to the past. That is not what I am talking about. You need no explanation of the difference between planning as a necessity, and dwelling in the past or the future.

Here is the deal:

“So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble.”
(Matthew 6:25-34)

This is a direct command to us from Jesus. If you are a commandment thumper, here is one from our King!  We must live in this present moment and not seek knowledge of the future. The fruit of the tree of knowledge caused sin to enter the world.

Jesus only operates and lives in this present moment. He was infinitely, He is infinitely and He will be infinitely. Thus the present is all that exists. His formula for peace is simple yet difficult. To achieve it, you must practice strenuously until you have let go of the past and the future. 

Amazingly, Albert Einstein spent his entire life trying to define time. He failed miserably. The Holy Spirit explained time to us through the wisdom that He gave king Solomon, in 1minute.

“That which has been(the past) is now; (the present) and that which is to be (the future) has already been; (past) and God requires that which is past.”
(Ecclesiastes 3:15) 

There it is! BOOM! All time is the same in God’s world. There is no time in God’s or our lives. Try to touch the past or the future or move in them using your senses. Impossible because they do not exist. 

Are you beating yourself because of your past? Do you beg God to forgive you for an act you committed in the past? Do you dwell on the past or the future, or talk to God about either? When you do,God has no idea what you are talking about! 

One day many years ago, I asked the Holy Spirit how I could best teach my flock how to live in the present.
Following is the analogy that He gave me through the Holy Spirit, it has helped many many people:

Imagine yourself enjoying a nice walk down the street on a lovely day. You come upon a beautiful theatre. On the marquee are written these words: THE PAST, STARRING 
(fill in your name) and in little tiny type, these words; written produced and directed by the father of all lies.  

You are mesmerized by your name appearing on the Marquee and you miss the small print and rush in. On your way in, you are given delicious refreshments and flowers. You are beyond excited to see the production. 

The film begins and for the next  2 hours you are glued to your seat while you watch every evil thing you have ever done or thought or spoken. You are tormented by seeing all of the things that you messed up or broke or destroyed in your entire life. 

Every sin that you have ever committed in thought or in deed is on full display for you and all to see. You cry, you sob, but you are stuck to your seat and forced to watch. You can not escape and you cant close your eyes or cove your ears. Your arms are stuck to the seat.

The pain is suffocating!  Finally as your devastation is complete and you are loosed; you run away as fast as you can.

In your haste to escape the pain, you run right past another theatre and do not even see it. Soon you are heavily struck by the presence of another theatre. 
This theatre is so stunningly beautiful that it takes your breath away. Outside is a barker (an arcane word that means a man who stands and harangues people and pleads with them and compels them to enter the show. They were prominent at circuses. 

“Hi yah, Hi yah, Hi yah folks, step right in, see the yak woman juggle monkeys on her nose!” An example of their work.

This time the barker barks, “Hi Yah, Hi Yah, Hi Yah, step right in, get a free 2 pound lobster dinner and champagne! See the Future starring (fill in your name). Again there is a huge marquee with your name on it. It reads: The Future Starring You. Once again you miss the small print; written, produced and directed by satan.

You are tantalized by the glamour, hoping for a much happier movie. Not! Again you are glued to your seat and are completely immobile.

The movie begins and astonishingly, it is more of a agonizing than the first movie. The entire show is about how horrid your future will be, as it is entirely predicated on your failures, sins, and blunders of the past. 

You are brainwashed  and spirit washed to believe that as loathsome as was your past, your future will be exponentially worse.

All of your shortcomings that fed your failures are there on the screen following you into tomorrow. The agony is unbearable!
Your pain is excruciating. All hope for a better life to come has been squashed forever. You are convinced that you are doomed to repeat the horrors of the past.

The Future you see, is predicated on your past as shown in the first theatre. Your mistakes, sins and failures will be the foundation of your life going forward. You might as well give up, You couldn’t succeed then and you can not succeed now!

You slink away, morose and heartbroken, filled with gloom, despair and agony. As you muddle along on your way home, you notice a theatre between the first two. 

Again, your name is on the marquee. This time it is grander and more splendid. The theatre is much more glamorous  than the others. It looks as though it belongs in heaven. You see beautiful lights and colors. You even think you see angels.

You are escorted in by people more loving and caring than any you have ever encountered.  Love heavily cloaks the place. You are filled with contentment. The heavenly ushers have wiped your tears away. 

You have no need for refreshments. A feeling of compete joy and comfort that you have never before known overwhelms you. You have never felt this much peace and happiness and calm before.

The film begins, instantly, your eyes are filled with beautiful tears of joy. On the screen are Jesus and you. He tells you in Words so full of harmony and peace and grace, that the angels weep tears of great love and gladness for you.

Jesus holds you warmly and tightly. He tells you that you are His True love. He teaches you that he has no score card to hold against you. He tells you that anything that happened before that moment no longer exists in any form. He tells you that the future is a theory, it does not exist.

Our wonderful King tells you that He cherishes you and will always love and protect you. He tells you that you are blessed and highly favored. He tells you that He will always be there with and for you, because you are His!

The love you feel convinces you for the first time that there is unconditional love, and only our Master can gift us with it. You know in your spirit that God does not judge or condemn you.

You intuitively know that Jesus is where you should have gone to find love, all along. Guilt, Fear, Worry, Self Judgement, Pain and all negative emotions evaporate, because now, you know the truth!

There is no fear only peace. There are no bills. There is no urgency. There is no where to go more compelling than the place where you are. 

Here in this perfect place of peace you find all of the wonderful, great and precious promises of Jesus, come true. Now for the first time you can see everything that you have been given and you are overwhelmed.  

The blinders on your eyes fall off. You can see the heaven on earth that God has prepared for you, and you know how to get and stay there from now on and forever more. There is nothing that must be done immediately. There are no social pressures. You and the world are at ease.

You know that you are neither judged nor condemned, rather you are God’s precious inheritance and you are His most highly valued possession. 

You want to stay forever and ever, and you can. It is your choice. Sadly, most ignore the present moment that you have just experienced, they urgently rush from the past to the future. Everything in their lives is more important than spending valuable and precious time with the Prince of Peace. 

They never experience what you just did, because they have no time or energy to stop and go to God’s home. So, they have no peace.

Peace, like faith is a free gift from God!

“ Peace I give you; My own peace I now give and bequeath to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”
(JOHN 14:26-27)

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