God Is Not In Control!!!

Teresa and I helped a missionary prepare to go to Israel, we gave her financial support and Teresa bought her clothes and we took her to the airport and helped her with boarding etc. I shared my international mission experience with her.

The day before she left on her trip she came to the house and asked me to pray for her trip and her mission. When we finished praying, I asked her to be careful not to put people under works and be sure to minister the Love and Grace of our Lord Jesus to them. In the conversation I told her that Teresa and I had recently seen a movie produced by John Haggee in which he mistakingly but intentionally stated that God is in control. The stale old argument ensued.

Yes, she said, God is definitely in control. She followed that comment with the statement that most Christians and Preachers believe as she and Haggee do, that God is in control. I believe that. I have even heard many people proclaim that when their house burns down or a child is killed or dies of a horrid disease that it was “In God’s Plan”. They believe that God allows bad things to happen! Thereby accusing Him of being a murderer or at the least a co-conspirator to murder and all nature of wrong.

In other words, they believe that God gives his tacit approval to these things but allows others to wreak them. Oh Brother! Clearly anyone who believes this knows nothing of the nature of God. Why would a loving God, allow a child to die or burn down a house to teach one of the people that He died a gruesome death to save, a lesson!

Jesus clearly explained in John 10:10 that there is one who comes but for to kill steal and destroy. But that He (God in the flesh) came so that we would have life in abundance.

If God were in control, everybody in the world would be a Christian! If God were in control, there would be no sin in the world! If God were in control there would be no disease! Most importantly, if God were in control, every living being would love Him with all of their hearts, minds and spirits!

God made a decision to give free will to man! Otherwise we would all live as Adam and Eve in the Garden before they sinned. It was not Gods will that they sin, but He gave them the choice.

Here is a joyful exercise, find your peaceful place and imagine what the world will be like when God is in control!

Stop Blaming God!!! Its not His fault!!!!

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