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Making Mama Happy!

One of the most enjoyable things that I do as a multi-faceted Pastor, is helping my partners live at peace with their spouses. The job becomes vastly easier when we accept the tenant that NO man will ever understand a woman, it is completely impossible. Likewise, NO woman will ever […]


Are you afraid? Have you ever been tempted to be afraid? Have you ever let your Monday ruin your Sunday? By revelation of the Holy Spirit, the answer is yes. We are all tempted with fear. Fear is a tool of the evil one. It is one of the oldest […]


There is no temptation but that which is common to all people. Are you worried? Ask yourself this question, have you ever allowed your Monday to ruin your Sunday? Do you hate the thought of Monday? Are there mountains in your life that you believe in your heart are insurmountable? […]


LIVE IN THE PRESENT! May I ask you a personal question? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired. Are you exhausted from stress, deadlines, worry, fear, anxiety, pessimism, depression and the like. Do you need some relief from your daily grind and the cares of this world? […]

In God’s Time… The Speed of Jesus

Have you ever heard the old cliché teachings about, “In God’s Time“? The inference being that God answers our prayers when he gets around to it or when he is motivated by some unreported standard of performance on our part.

I have received reports of many in our flock who have been taught that,” God’s time is not our time and that he will answer our prayers in his time. I have been taught this myself. Worse, I actually know people who believe this, in spite of the fact that it is not Biblical. That is why I recently published a teaching on “God’s Time”. The fact is that God’s Time is the speed of thought and is in this present moment.



Several of you have related to me recently some attacks of anxiety. I have also been tempted with this old trick of the evil one. Anxiety can evolve from tension or nervousness to fear to paralysis to a persistent feeling of unknown or known impending doom. Note how the evil […]


Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD, that proceeds from the mouth of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!” (Jesus our King: Matthew 4:4) Ben Franklin coined the phrase, MUGWUMP. He was referring to people who were indecisive. He spoke specifically in political terms of folks […]

Buckle Your Seat Belt!!

HAPPY 2017! What are you expecting this year? Have you developed your goals and objectives? Have you planned your work and are you working your plan? Here is how you can blow your goals away! Here is how you finally breakthrough and rise to the top where you were destined […]