Buckle Your Seat Belt!!

HAPPY 2017!

What are you expecting this year? Have you developed your goals and objectives? Have you planned your work and are you working your plan? Here is how you can blow your goals away! Here is how you finally breakthrough and rise to the top where you were destined to be! Get ready, here come the answers you have been searching for all of your life.


You can see things you have never even dreamed of, come true in your life. You can walk in amazing financial prosperity. You can have your dream job! You can have that promotion! You can swing the big deals! You can increase your closing ratio by 10x! You can be made free from any and all diseases, and walk for the rest of your life in divine supernatural health! You can know and live in a state of joy, happiness, love and peace as you have never even thought possible.

If you are facing difficult or impossible circumstances, you can walk right out of those problems victorious and in the blink of an eye they can be a far distant memory.

Why? Because you are so cherished by God that He gave you all these gifts for Christmas. He wrapped them up and guaranteed their delivery to us on the Cross.

How? By becoming willing to change. By putting death to old paradigms, By letting go of every religious wall that blocks you from taking every Word that Jesus spoke, as absolute truth. By eating His Flesh which is His Word, meaning to make His Word the most important information source in your life, to live by them without wavering. By a decision to not give one thought to what others think of us.

By understanding God’s way of doing business! By making Him the CEO and COO of our business, by investing in Him!

By not asking, “what am I? Rather asking “what has He?”.

By casting our eyes on the unseen. How can the seen world be greater than its unseen Creator? The things that we see with our natural eye will rot. The things that we see with our natural eyes, bind us to our flesh and lock us out of God’s realm. We must learn to joyfully expect the unlimited capacity that God gave us. The things of this world are temporary and subject to change. The things of God’s unseen world are everlasting and imperishable.

The unedited Gospel of Jesus is not only edgy, it is polarizing and makes” hard core stuck in the pew of the first church of unbelief” folk angry enough and so offended that they will drop the bearer like a hot rock.

Why? Because less than 2 percent of Christians know the promises of Jesus. Why? Because they are dangerous to religion. Why? Because they have never been taught in the church and the operators are without excuse for not teaching them. Jesus’ Words are an anathema to those who want to lead powerless, unsuccessful lives and then blame God for their failures. How else can religion explain the powerlessness it has perpetrated on its flocks, than to blame God?

We all however have the capability to become brand new creations in Jesus, where old things have passed away and everything is new and of God. We can take off our old person and put on our new person. We can choose to let go of our old selves so that not we, will live but Jesus who lives in us. We can walk in the Holy Spirit and see with the eyes of the Holy Spirit and Hear with His ears. We can let go of anger, fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, failure, sadness, depression, illness, gloom, despair, self pity, excuses, anger, competition, smartassedness, meanness, cheap and stinginess, lack and want, misery, self doubt and self.

How Cool Would It Be To Completely Wipe The Whiteboard Of Our Lives Clean And Start All Over? We Can!!!!! Starting This Very Moment!!!

We can tame our tongues. The tongue is a fire, great forests are set afire by it. And the tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. The tongue is set apart among our members, staining the entire body, setting on fire the entire course of life, and set on fire by hell. WE WILL HAVE WHAT WE SAY. That is a fact created by God. Most people are living in the consequences of their own negative prophesies. Never speak negative words about yourself or others. The results are not good.

We can turn our lives over to Jesus not as lip service, not just for fire insurance, but truly and sincerely with all of our hearts, make Him the King of our lives. We can completely change and make Jesus the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN OUR LIVES. I can hear someone saying, but I did that when I was 8 years old and have never strayed. Oh really? Be honest and ask yourselves how much time you spent on social media, the internet, television, cell phones, sports, fitness, and work today. Now ask yourself how much real time you spent with Jesus. Then let me know what the most important thing in your life is. That comment is not intended to be condemnation at all, rather, it is a focus statement of one’s true priorities.

We can stop being ashamed of the Gospel or our Pastors and make the Gospel our constitution. The evil one is all about this thought. If I introduce my Pastor to a friend or loved one, he may say something so radical that my friend would think I am out in LaLa Land! We have all been tempted with that one.


You have the exact same and greater power than Jesus had when He walked the earth.You can do what He did and even greater than those, because He went to his Father. And anything you ask He will do. And whatsoever things you ask He will personally do, so that the Father will be glorified in the Son! There are no qualifications or additions to this scripture. He did not say,” yes but you must pray in His will!!” That is a mistranslation from an entirely different scripture and Jesus never said it!
(John 14:12-14)

You have the power to speak and command and receive what you speak as long as you have no doubt in your heart.
(Mark 11:22-24)

Jesus healed every disease once for all on the cross! Please do not ask him to heal all the people with cancer, He destroyed cancer on the cross. He bore all illnesses, maladies, infirmities and sorrows for us on the cross. The only reason sickness exists in this world is because of the collective unbelief of the people, just like in Jesus’ home town. That is not an indictment on any folk who are sick. Most people who are sick are sick because they have never been taught how not to be. I don’t blame them!!! I blame those who refused to teach the truth because it could be embarrassing.
(Isaiah 53:4-5) (1Peter 2:24)

Jesus was given all power in heaven and earth and made us joint heirs with Him. He gave us all things that we will ever want, or need on the cross. He came so that we would have life and have it in abundance. He granted us His great and precious promises.
(Matthew 18:18…Romans 8:16-17, 2 Peter 1;1-4)

Jesus promised that if we live in Him and His Word lives in us, we may ask ANYTHING and it will be granted us His Father In Heaven.
(Matthew 18:19)

Jesus made all of us not just the 12, His disciples! “If you continue in My Word, your are INDEED, My disciple and you shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will make you free”. Free from what? Whatever you need to be made free from. Primarily the works of the Law and a performance based relationship with Him. ALL OF THE PROMISES Jesus made to the 12, are also granted unto us, IF WE CONTINUE IN HIS WORD.
(John 8:31)

Jesus made it possible to live in a state of grace (God’s willingness, ability and power that has done those things for us that we can not or will not do for ourselves). Good works mean nothing in terms of gaining anything from God. We enter into the state of grace by FAITH (Living in this present moment, with JOYFUL expectation of the things that were promised us of Jesus, regardless of what our flesh eyes see. It is a commitment to see what we believe and not believe what we see.
(Romans 5:1&2…Ephesians 2:8&9)

Jesus gave us His Faith. It is impossible to expand on our faith, to grow our faith, to multiply our faith because we have HIS FAITH! Jesus gave us the FULL MEASURE OF FAITH!
(2Peter 1:1 and Romans 12:3)

Jesus gave us dominion over the evil one and all of his powers, demons, minions, servants, angels and anything else he has. He has no power except to lie! He is a master, creative, perfect liar. Everything he says (You know his voice and words, they are always negative. God’s words are always positive.) is a lie and the complete 180 degree opposite of what he says is TRUE.)
(Luke 10:18)

Jesus multiplies our seed sown and causes all grace to abound unto those of us who are cheerful givers. He causes men to pour into our accounts, pressed down shaken together overflowing. (Luke 6:38, Hebrews 9:6-12)

Jesus gave us the power and ability to ask God to assign angels to help us in any situation!

These are merely a sample of the GREAT AND PRECIOUS PROMISES, that the creator of all things has given to us and guaranteed by His Blood.

So then how do we receive these gifts and employ them in our lives. BELIEVE JESUS. Act as if they are all true and for us personally. If we do believe we will be HAPPY and JOYFUL and no negative words will flow from us, and we will receive NEWNESS OF LIFE.

As a Teacher Loyd Skidmore says, “Believe and Receive, Doubt And Do Without!” Belief is something that Jesus can not force upon anyone. It is a choice that we make. What will you choose to believe? The Words of Jesus or non-Biblical Cliches. Our next teaching will be about things that are taught constantly that GOD/JESUS did not say like…”The Good Lord Giveth and The Good Lord Taketh Away!”

Be very careful of what you speak and prophesy, because from the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks and you will have what you say!

Having learned of the power given us by our King, What now is your expectation for 2017?

Go Get Em Folks! You make this the best year of your life. Jesus has already done His part!

Let me know how believing EVERY WORD that Jesus spoke, not jus a few of them, works for you.

I know that you were blessed by this teaching and that you have passed it to many others who will be blessed by it.
Praise Jesus.

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