How About You?

I urge you to invest the time to thoroughly read and understand this message. It is a very personal communication to you from the Creator of all things. It may require as much time as it takes to watch half of a reality TV show, or about the same amount […]

What Ever Happened To Right And Wrong?

You may be asking yourself, why the Grace teacher of all grace teachers, is writing this teaching. You may have read my teachings before; and learned that our relationship with God is based on the complete work of Jesus on the cross and in His Resurrection, and not on our […]

What Is Easter?

The story of Easter is very old. It really has it’s roots in the worship of Babylonian god’s and goddesses. The derivation of Easter is Ishtar the Babylonian goddess of fertility. Ishtar is celebrated at the spring of every year with symbols of fertility such as eggs and rabbits. If […]

A Miraculous Victory For Jesus!!!!!

Get the picture, There is a tremendous underdog at war with the greatest practicing warrior of his trade. Nobody, Nobody, Nobody has given this underdog the slightest chance of victory. If there was ever a David vs. Goliath analogy, this situation is perfectly reflected in it. The giant crept up […]

Are You Ashamed Of Jesus?

Think carefully about the answer to this question. Are you 100% certain of your answer? Does Jesus, or do any of His teachings, embarrass you? When was the last time you introduced someone that you are not close to, to Jesus and His teachings? I get dozens of emails from […]

The Great Deception

On many occasions when I am invited to preach, and at some of my regular Bible study groups, I ask the assembled this question; how many people here believe Jesus? Then I ask them for a show of hands. Invariably everyone raises their hand.

I am finishing a book entitled, “What If Jesus was telling the truth?”. I was speaking to another author about the book and he told me that the title is stupid. He said that every Christian believes Jesus. “Really, I asked?” “Of course they do”, he replied. “Do you believe Jesus”? I asked. “Yes of course I do he responded”. ” Are you sure that you believe everything that Jesus said” I asked. “Well, I don’t know everything that Jesus said”, he qualified. “Well, that is certainly the truth. John wrote that if all that Jesus said and did had been reported, there would not be enough books in all the libraries in the world to contain them”, I replied. ” Would you believe everything that Jesus said if you knew all that he said”? I asked. “Of course I would”, he replied. Then I began to share some of the simplest of Jesus’ teachings with the man, when I asked him if he believed them, he wanted to argue about whether Jesus said or meant them.