Are You Listening to Jesus?

Jesus took Peter and James and John up on to the mount of transfiguration where he met with Moses and Elijah to discuss His exit from earth. During this process, the three of them witnesses Jesus turn into His glorified being. They all passed out because no human can withstand that kind of sight. Jesus resurrected them and then they heard the voice of God from heaven declare: “This is My Son in Whom I am well pleased!!!!!! Listen to Him!!!!!!

Do you listen to the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit? They have been talking to us and issuing us instructions for a joyous, prosperous, happy and eternal life, since they created us. But man has gone to extraordinary lengths to ignore them.

First God’s chosen people the children of Israel refused to listen to Him and demanded to be spoken to through prophets, thus all of the prophets beginning with Moses. (Exodus20:19)

Then God’s chosen people rejected Him entirely in favor of a king and laws. Thus the ten commandments which were given to the Jews and only the Jews and only because they demanded them. They never have applied to non Jews. 1(Samuel 8:7-9)

Then God came to the earth Himself to reveal His plan of salvation and redemption and joy to the world and the world crucified Him. John 14:6-9 and John 10:30.

But God is still speaking to us 24-7 if we chose to listen. (John 10:27)

Jesus who is the Sum of the Triune God (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit) talks to us in many ways; sometimes through the voice in our minds which we can clearly discern because we know the difference between flesh thought and Spiritual thought, sometimes through an actual audible voice, sometimes through teachers, mostly through His Word which is Him. If your heart is listening, you will hear.

Here is a great message from the Holy Spirit on this subject and on Whom Jesus declared Himself to be: just click (or copy/paste) on the link

Bible Study 02-14-2016 | Throne of Grace Ministries

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