Angels – What You Never Knew! Bible Study 12-04-2016

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Today we are going to study Angels. They are a very important part of the Entrance into the World of God in the person of Jesus.

Our teaching is based on scripture.

The Biblical Word Angel, originated from the Greek word (Agellos) which means messenger.

Much of what we know or think about Angels is man made non-sense so lets shoot those Holy Cows right now.

Angels are not happy little fat babies!
There are no female angels!
Angels are not good people who died!

There are only 3 named Angels in the Bible:
Gabriel the Arch or Chief Angel
Michael another chief Angel
and Lucifer the fallen angel known now as satan, old scratch, the evil one, etc.

Angels are created beings.
(Nehemiah 9:6)
(Psalm 148:1-5)
(Colossians 1:16-17)

They were created by God to serve Him, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and us. They are not humans!!!! They are ministering spirits.
(Hebrews 1:14)

Angels were created in the world that existed before this planet. They were created in the pre-Adamic age. They Celebrated when the earth was created.(Job 38:4-7)

Angels are eternal. They do not die.
(Luke 20:36)

Angels do not marry or reproduce.
(Matthew 22:30)

Angels do not have bodies.
(Luke 24:37-39)

They can appear as men.
(Hebrews 13:2)

At a minimum, Angels are Dazzling in appearance!
(Matthew 28:1-5)

What do Angels look like? Buckle your seatbelt! If you ever saw one you would probably have a heart attack or at least soil your clothing:

Here are a few descriptions beginning with Gabriel:
(Daniel 10:5-9)
(Ezekiel 1:4:14)
(Isaiah 6:1-6)
Throne Room Angels
(Revelations 4:6-8)

There are an innumerable amount of Angels in the heavenly realm and here.
(Daniel 7:10) Thousands and Thousands and Thousands of Thousands.
(Matthew 26:53) At least 12 legions
(Hebrews 12:22) Innumerable/ Myriads

Angels perform many assigned duties:

They are messengers

In Exodus they brought the law to Moses.
They told Mary about Jesus.
They told Zechariah about John

They provide guidance.
They told Joseph to flee with Jesus and Mary to Egypt.

They protect their masters.
They protected Daniel in the furnace and the lions den.

They deliver their masters from harm.
In Acts chapter 5 they delivered the Apostles from prison
In Acts chapter 12 they delivered Peter from prison
In Acts chapter 27 they delivered Paul from a shipwreck.

We can command Angels! They are there to serve us in what ever our need. But they can not help if they are not issued orders.

Angels are more noble than humans.
(Daniel 9:21-23)
(Daniel 10:10-14)

Angels are more intelligent than humans but they are not omniscient, omnipotent or omnipresent.
(Samuel 14:20)
(Matthew 24:36)

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