A Message To You From Jesus

Have you ever struggled with a persistent problem? Are you even now, in a pitched fight to use your faith and overcome a seemingly unsermountable problem? Do you ever feel like you are being tormented? Has the feeling of supression or repression or opression or depression been approaching or attacking you? Do you feel like the weight of the world or your problems are more than you can bare and you feel like giving up? Do you feel like you are in such a quagmire of trouble that you will never find your way out?

Have you been crying out to God seemingly to no avail to lift your burden? Do you feel that Jesus is not listening?

Paul the apostle sent to us by God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be our teacher, found himself in the exact same circumstances. Paul like many of us, falsely believed that his problems were put on him by God. He described the problem to Jesus, by his own report; three times. Paul said that his problem was ” a thorn in the flesh, the messenger from satan to buffet me.” How would you describe your problem or torment to Jesus? Whatever it is, here is the answer from Jesus in the form of a summation of the entire gospel. It is his last known teaching.


In our language…”MY WILLINGNESS ABILITY AND POWER, TO DO THOSE THINGS THAT YOU CAN NOT OR WILL NOT DO FOR YOURSELF, IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED. FOR MY POWER IS MADE PERFECT WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND THAT WITHOUT ME, YOU CAN DO NOTHING.” ( The definition of Grace was given to the author after studying the word Grace as defined in 11 dictionaries and prayer to the Holy Spirit for specific revelation. The definition of the word sufficient is from the Websters Lexicon of the English language, Encyclopedic edition).

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