Daily Archives: March 20, 2017

How About You?

I urge you to invest the time to thoroughly read and understand this message. It is a very personal communication to you from the Creator of all things. It may require as much time as it takes to watch half of a reality TV show, or about the same amount […]

Blessed is She Who…

This is a fun little fill in the blank test. In it is contained one of the three keys to the new covenant; the covenant that God has sworn to be true, with the most valuable thing He ever created…the blood of Jesus. Blessed is she who…(Is the president of […]

A Message To You From Jesus

Have you ever struggled with a persistent problem? Are you even now, in a pitched fight to use your faith and overcome a seemingly unsermountable problem? Do you ever feel like you are being tormented? Has the feeling of supression or repression or opression or depression been approaching or attacking […]

Do You Need the Power of God?

At this point in His earth walk, many thousands of people were following Jesus and the crowds were growing daily. On one particular day as the sun began to set, Jesus perceived their physical hunger. Most of us know the report of what happened next. Jesus knowing what he would […]

Are You Fully Persuaded?

FULLY PERSUADED: To be completely certain beyond the shadow of a doubt. When the people asked Jesus who was God in the flesh, ” THE FATHER AND I ARE ONE”… what they needed to do to do the works of God, Jesus answered them saying…”THIS IS THE WORK OF GOD, […]

What Would Happen If We Believed Him?

Do you believe Jesus? Are you sure? What would happen if 10% of Christians actually believed Jesus? The answer to the question, was answered by Jesus himself. Let’s just say for now that this world would be radically different. Read what Jesus said about this… “VERILY, VERILY, I SAY UNTO […]

What You See Is What You Get!

How many times have you heard this expression. “What You See Is What You Get”. Often it is used as a compliment about a person; meaning that they are very genuine. It means that the person does not disguise their true nature. What You See…..IS….What You Get! We have two […]

Jesus Loves Children

At the same time, the disciples came to Jesus saying, “Who shall be the greatest in the kingdom?” And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, “Verily, verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little […]

Dear Mr. President 1

A few weeks ago, I prayed that you would be led to our website: www.throneofgraceministries.com and that the teachings you found there would bring you peace and bless you in the stressful mania that surrounds you. Not many days after that prayer, I found that someone in your office had […]