Daily Archives: March 17, 2017

Our Daily Bread

A great multitude of people followed Jesus from all of the area surrounding Jerusalem. They came from Galilee and Decapolis and from beyond Jordan on foot to hear God in the person of Jesus teach them. Jesus went up into a mountain and He spoke to the assembled, teaching them […]


Are you afraid? Have you ever been tempted to be afraid? Have you ever let your Monday ruin your Sunday? By revelation of the Holy Spirit, the answer is yes. We are all tempted with fear. Fear is a tool of the evil one. It is one of the oldest […]


There is no temptation but that which is common to all people. Are you worried? Ask yourself this question, have you ever allowed your Monday to ruin your Sunday? Do you hate the thought of Monday? Are there mountains in your life that you believe in your heart are insurmountable? […]