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I must have told Mr.K that I was a LOW time student pilot at least 3 times. He was a flight instructor that happened to be dating my daughter, and that is how I knew him. I had only about 15-20 hours all of which had been training on how […]


“32 Pappa Lima You are clear for immediate departure from runway 2 left!!!” It was a chamber of commerce day. High pressure. Blue Skies. And the Controller was busy. He had three in the pattern and when he said immediate he meant get the heck off of my runway. My […]

How About You?

It’s just the way it is. When you are the new kid in a strange town you have to find a way to fit into the group. This usually entails beating up the neighborhood bully, and accepting several double or even more urgent, triple dog dare you’s. When I moved […]