Monthly Archives: February 2016

Be of Good Cheer!

Are you under attack? Do you have circumstances in your life that are fearful? Have you a bad report from a doctor? Do you have fear of financial insecurity? Do you have scary symptoms? Do you have real financial problems or huge challenges in your business or job? Do you […]


STRESS Folks, Stress is a killer! Stress will actually destroy the human body through toxic poisons that it produces. Through all of my years in ministry, stress has always been public enemy number one. Stress is tied to the other three killers: Anxiety, Worry and Fear. All of which are […]

Thank You!

This is Sgt. Bill Nix. Bill is my Brother. He just happens to be married to my sister. Bill is a decorated Vietnam hero. Bill earned the Combat Infantry Mans badge, 3 purple hearts and the Bronze Star! After Vietnam and College, Bill served his country as a federal probation […]